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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pennsylvania prom limo service is committed to safeguarding your private information. Below are our guidelines for collecting data at our Pennsylvania limousine company, and this will help you know how serious we are about preserving your privacy.

“By using the website, you consent to be bound to the terms and conditions of this policy, which is incorporated into and subject to the needs of our user terms. Suppose an individual uses the Site as an employee, consultant, or agent on behalf of a business entity. In that case, they warrant that they have the legal authority and ability to bind the business company to this privacy policy. “You refer to the individual who accesses the website on behalf of a business entity. “

It is crucial to understand that the terms and conditions of use bind you by using our website’s privacy policies. Should you be one person using our Site to make reservations on behalf of a business or organization or any other kind of business, you should be aware that by doing so, these terms and conditions also bind that entity to our privacy policies.

If you are not happy with the terms set out below that you are not comfortable with, you should stop using the Site as continued use implies consent and compliance. We will inform you of the following:

  • How we gather and utilize the data we receive
  • We will not divulge any of the information we collect.
  • Who is responsible for processing any personal information provided on this website?
  • How to delete, correct, or revise your data
  • What are the methods we employ to safeguard your information, and how do we stop it from being used in a fraudulent way or abused

What are personal data?

The information we secure on this Site includes any personal information that could enable a person or company to contact you or obtain information. This includes your name, address and telephone number, and email address. Other data, including insurance, credit card, and secondary contact information, are protected personal data.

Anyone who wants to visit our website to look over our Pennsylvania limo service may visit our Site without revealing any personal information to us. Any image or information provided on our website is accessible to the public and doesn’t require to be exchanged for. When a person requests data, materials, or reserves one of our Pennsylvania limousine services via our website, the individual information is collected.

To ensure that you’re in a position to reserve any limousine or other service, we offer for the date(s) you require. We strongly recommend booking it on our website as soon as possible. You’ll need to input your user details to secure an accurate and complete reservation. The contact information and other details for the primary person who is the payer of the reservation are called user data.

After this personal information has been entered, a profile will be established so that any subsequent reservations can be made simply by logging in with the username and profile.

If you want to create a profile or to make a reservation for the first time, you must give information like an account username, a phone number, email address, and location. To complete the reservation, further details are required from the guest, including the name, email address, phone number, and location.

Your IP address and search patterns are two other types of information that our website could collect. Our Site contains this information to track individual visitors who visit our website, and it also follows where they came from and what they’re seeking. They are used to analyze web data and track what was performed on a particular IP number’s Site.

Who is responsible for the collection of your personal information?

Here on our Pennsylvania prom limo service website, we collect and analyze the information from website visitors’ internet providers (IP addresses) and when users directly input personal details to make a profile and then make a reservation. If any information is entered into our website, we can outsource to another organization to maintain and continue the operation and enhancement of our new Pennsylvania prom limo service website.

Any data we could outsource to another party is legally and strictly obliged. External organizations don’t have the legal right to own or grant permission to use the information we provide for purposes other than managing and running our website. Although there are occasions when individual data may be obtained from reservations made by outside sources, at the best Pennsylvania limousine service, we make sure that we have the rights, legal documents, and licenses necessary to obtain and use that information. You are free to consult with a different reservation agent to avail our Pennsylvania limousine service. We recommend you review their privacy policies and ensure that your data is adequately protected. You have the right to verify that companies are not affiliated with us, and we are solely responsible for your privacy and security.

How do you disclose information to outside entities?

Third parties are not given free rein over the information we provide them. Instead, it is with the legal binding that they are only allowed to use the data and information provided to analyze and manage the website’s operation. The Site collects data to monitor usage patterns and make administrative decisions; however, it also tracks their movements.

Our website and limousine services could give your personal information to businesses and merchants. Suppose you’ve requested that a separate entity be used during the limousine service. In that case, we will provide them with various details upon approval to ensure that all reservations and plans align with your request.

We might use your data to make reservations or for analytical purposes. However, we are also able to use it for announcements and promotions. These purposes could include emails, notifications, postal mail, phone calls, and maybe the use of faxes. It is crucial to realize that although we may advertise our services and offers to you, we will not use the information we collect in an online summary for other reasons than for what was first gathered.

It is also crucial to note that should part of our Pennsylvania prom limo service business be sold or liquidated as part of a significant business transaction, the data we have retained may be made available as part of the deal or sale. Be aware that in certain instances, large amounts of data might be made available to the general public for administration or promotions. Data sharing in mass quantities does not focus on a single individual or company. Instead, it is intended to reveal every data.

Data collection, use, and control of distribution

Ultimately, your data is in your control. If you wish to inquire about the specific information you have collected and how it may be used or disclosed in the future, feel free to contact us. It is also essential to inform us whether you would prefer not to receive promotional materials from us, such as emails or letters. We respect your wishes for privacy and will happily comply with your request for personal information, so please get in touch with us and relay any concerns or suggestions regarding the distribution of your data.

We are obliged to meet any requests made by government or legal authorities regarding reservations or private information given to them. We don’t freely provide the information requested; instead, it must be legally demanded of us before we can fulfill any requests for personal information.

Personal data can be changed or deleted.

There are various options available to modify the personal data stored on our website and by our administrators. You have a profile that lets you change your information about your contact details, reservation details, or passenger details. You can also alter your password or username to your account on the website, ensuring that all your personal information is secure and safe.

Contact us to correct your personal information. Before any details can be changed or altered in any manner, we need first to confirm your identity. Before any points can be modified, we’ll conduct a security check if this is done via phone. Remember that we don’t have access to their privacy policies if you make contact via the internet or via an intermediary. Please ensure that you know their privacy policies before sending any personal information via their contact methods.

If you would like to erase and erase all of the data that we store on our website, It is imperative to contact us and allow us to assist you. We can ensure that the information you wish to be deleted is removed and that no outside organizations or businesses can use those particular bits of data from us. Outdated storage databases and archived data might still have the data that you have requested. However, we will try our best to erase the entire record of that data.

This Site is located in the United States of America, and therefore, it is subject to the laws and regulations of this country. Should you be from another country, you are granting consent for your information to be transferred to the USA by continuing to use our website.

Be aware that this privacy policy could be amended at any time. We will inform users of the changes and solicit their agreement to the updated privacy policy.



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