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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


To reserve a seat with our Pennsylvania Prom Limo service, it is best to contact us as early as you can know the time and date of the occasion. A reservation made earlier will ensure we have the exact limousine you need. To make a reservation, simply contact us to reserve our Pennsylvania Prom Limo service over the phone or online!

No cancellations

A no-show is highly advisable. Do not leave the location if your driver isn’t at the pickup location. Contact our office to schedule transport or relay information to the driver. If you were in another place or the driver tried to call but failed, and you leave, you will be charged a no-show fee. The cost is the total cost of the trip.

If something happens that causes you to experience an inconvenience (traffic, family, hair appointment, etc.), then contact our drivers instead of waiting. The driver will stay at the location you usually pick up – whether in the city center or a private area. The driver could wait up to an hour when you’re coming from an airport. In the time between waiting, the office and the driver will attempt to contact you to find out the cause of the delay and to verify that you are still in need of the arranged transportation. Unfortunately, if there is no response, the late fee will be charged in addition to the no-show fee, and the driver must be returned to the office.

You can ask that your driver waits for you if you are delayed. They are more than competent to stay and ensure that everyone is satisfied at the end of the day, despite the initial problems.

Vehicle Damages

Sometimes, a driver might be intoxicated, or a pet may be able to escape the car, resulting in an accident. Whatever the cause of the damage, things happen, and we know this. We will fairly compensate for any damage that the passengers in transportation caused. Our Pennsylvania Prom Limo service will provide you with an appropriate amount for cleaning the vehicle (in the event of illness or vomits) and any repair costs (such as an injury to the fabric). The restoration cost will be discussed and detailed by us so that you are fully aware of what transpired and must be completed.

Credit Card Transitions

Our goal is to stop fraud for the cardholder and ourselves and ensure that there are no unneeded remainders left after the trip has been completed. This is the first step to achieving this task. We need to verify that there are funds available on your account. On your online statement, this check will appear as “Pending funds.” Generally, this amount is slightly higher to ensure that if damages occur during the trip or drinks are required at the last minute; they are dealt with. If the pending amount equals more than the amount accrued during the journey, the remaining amount will be paid, and the remaining balance will be charged.


The dispute overcharges and complaints can be divided into two groups that are corporate and non-corporate. Corporate customers believe all the charges mentioned are correct until a complaint is filed. The complaint must be filed within ten days from the date of service. If you wish to have any concerns or disputes reviewed, contact us via email or fax and send the charges you dispute to us so that we can look over them and determine the best way to proceed.

Customers who are not corporate are subject to all charges that were at the time of service. However, any complaint must be made within 15 days. It is necessary to contact us via email, fax, or letter with the details of the charges that you dispute and the reason for denying them.

Fees for Collection

Suppose you fail to make the payment to us for services rendered. In that case, you will be responsible for any resulting fees, including fees incurred from legal counsel and litigation, as well as accounting and other expenses from the legal process and the collection of the first payment.

Rate changes

We reserve the right to alter any charges or fees, except in the rare case that our rates for service are increased here with the most reliable Pennsylvania Prom limousine service.

Itemized Invoices

To ensure clients and ourselves are aware of the costs and fees associated with services rendered, we provide itemized invoices to ensure that we are clear about the charges and expenses. Invoices for corporate accounts are sent out each two to four weeks, and Non-corporate accounts will receive invoices if requested or after receipt of the costs.

Payment Due Date

We will store the funds on the client’s credit card for up to one year. If the client does not pay by card, we’ll require that payment be made within the time frame specified. Corporate accounts: payments must be made within fifteen days of receiving the itemized invoice. Anyone who does not have an account with a corporate entity must pay the charges when the service is complete.

Point-to-point fare

The price for the service is calculated by the distance at which points are from one another and in what zone they are located. Corporate accounts might qualify for significant discounts based on the number of miles and points you earn. If you own a corporate account, please call one of our agents, and we’ll see if any special discounts can be offered based on the amount of usage.

Hourly Rates

Many of our vehicles can be hired on an hour-to-an per. This type of service depends on the specific location and the number of hours needed.

Waiting time

A driver will wait at the designated pickup time for a certain period before returning to the office. If the pickup location is an airport, passengers are given a thirty minutes grace period to make a domestic flight. If the flight is international, the passengers get an additional 45 minutes grace period. The grace period in regular pickup areas is ten minutes. If it is longer than ten minutes, waiting time will be charged.

Remember that drivers review every flight, and if delays are posted, there’s no waiting time to be charged for the delay.


It’s normal for passengers to stop at a smaller like a coffee, the bathroom, etcetera, and these stops will not be charged. If, however, there are excessive delays or lengthy wait times in between those stops, charges will be incurred. Call our office at the most reputable Pennsylvania Prom limousine company to discuss possible costs.


If some routes have tolls and the tolls are charged, then the user pays the costs.

Meet & Greet

Our Pennsylvania Prom Limo offers meet and greets services to our clients. You can meet and greet in certain vehicles at no cost, so be sure to inquire. If not, there will be a small charge. The driver will wear a sign with the passenger’s name and stand at the customs exit or the location where baggage is picked up. The waiting time for passengers is shown below. International or domestic flights may determine them.


Any parking charged by airports is directly assigned to the customer. The fees range from $8 and $16. However, they will vary based on the length of time that the driver waits for passengers. All prices are paid directly by the airport and not our company.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are available on request; however, we need to know in advance when you make reservations. It’s recommended that the child’s guardians bring an infant seat instead.

Holiday Surcharges

There will be an additional charge on certain holidays and in severe weather. The amount charged will be different depending on the travel duration and the severity of the weather, as well as the time. The holiday days are subject to the cost charged on Memoriaon l Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, 4 th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.



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Once you are certain about the date and time of the occasion, it is ideal you book your prom Pennsylvania limo in advance. We offer discounts and deals when booking in advance too. We also ensure no extra charges are added at the end of the service.


We will be pleased to offer you our services for limo hire in Pennsylvania, and we look forward to assist you with a sophisticated and stylish limo ride.